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Dear Sellers, Market activity is slowing down...

Posted: August 13, 2009 By: Oscar Avila

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Dear Sellers,

Summer 2009 has come and, for most of us, will soon be gone with the passing of Labor Day; and with our kids are back in school, it becomes increasingly harder for a homeowner to sell. This is the time a homeowner needs to reassess his urgency to sell and act accordingly. Either consider holding off until next summer, or ask a REALTOR for a more realistic list price. Better yet, discuss with a REALTOR about having the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE to secure an offer from the next qualified buyer who walks thru your property.

We have all heard that the median home price in El Paso has fallen to approximately $131,000, but the fact is that some areas in town have been more affected than others. A REALTOR is your best source to the market activity in your given area. A REALTOR can help you visit the existing sales inventory in your neighborhood and help you identify the homes that recently sold in your subdivision. In particular, the questions you should ask are: What is the SOLD price per square footage for my given subdivision, What is the price per square footage for my given square footage, and What can I do to attract an offer from the next qualified buyer to walk-thru my property?

Certainly, a REALTOR will be able to draw traffic to your property with multiple photos in and around your house (Take a look at how properties around El Paso are marketed on http://www.elpasotexas.com/). However, it is helpful to know how your house is perceived by prospective buyers within the setting of all other homes for sale in your area, as well as within the REALTOR community. If you haven't had a second walk-thru of your property within the last three weeks by the same buyer or same REALTOR with a different buyer, or had a "refreshing" reduction in price, your property will slowly be forgotten. Make your property more friendly and inviting. BUYERS WHO LINGER OUT IN FRONT OF YOUR HOUSE ARE BUYERS WHO MAKE AN OFFER!!!

Call us today at 915-549-4483 to list your property! We can help. Whether you are considering selling or renting, we are ready to do all that is possible to effectively market your property.


Oscar Avila
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