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The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) works to deliver accurate and immediate property information. Click here for the MLS Rules and Regulations.


InnoViaTM is a truly unique MLS system utilizing a user friendly, intuitive browser interface for both the online and offline. InnoViaTM provides outstanding capabilities that are uniquely enhanced by traditional dedication to quality and service.

GeoJet Mapping

As a function within InnoViaTM, this enables users to view one map of an entire area where they can quickly pan and move around the area at any zoom level without any interruption in the map. GeoJet's search functions to can be used to generate reports and a CMA on your subject property can be created. You may also create mailing labels to send out "bulk" mail.

MLS Courses

Are you ready to master the MLS software? Register for an MLS course and discover time-saving techniques, such as customizing reports. Classes are provided to MLS subscribers free of charge.