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GEPAR Votes!

GEPAR Votes!

May 14, 2018
Today is a day of action. Here you have an opportunity to become involved in what path the region will take, and all you have to do is go out and vote. Many if not all of the races will be decided by a hand full of voters. If REALTORS® come out in force to make their voices heard this election, you can make a real difference. Many in the media speculate that turn out will be at an all-time low, for this reason, it is important to go out and vote today! Thanks to the hard work of our Governmental Affairs Committee the list below was compiled. If you want to join the committee please email

John Cook - County Judge.
Josh Herrera - Justice of the Peace 3.
Jesus Urenda - Justice of the Peace 4.

For voting locations and information please visit

The REALTOR® Party supports candidates based on their positions on issues affecting the real estate industry and private property right, home ownership, and not party affiliation.