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Investment Property, REO, Short Sales, Commercial, Residential

About Me

Crystal Dominick was born and raised in Glendale, California. She entered the real estate community in 1995 when she began as a real estate assistant to top producer in Burbank, Ca.  Today she offers over 23 years of real estate experience with an underlying civic sense of public service for change that encourages progress and growth within emerging markets, communities and specific interest groups.

Crystal Dominick offers her knowledge and expertise of new home sales, resales, short sale services, foreclosure sales as well as full service bank owned real estate experience. Crystal served as a Director of Sales and Marketing to a top 100 Builder in the nation, provided franchise site location services across all of the western states from the Mississippi west to California and represented national  clients such as Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Chase Bank, Deutsche Bank and more.  Today Crystal has expanded her reach to El Paso Texas and other cities across Texas.  Crystal is waiting to assist you in all areas wether it be preparing for homeownership, buying or selling your home to buying or selling your next investment property.  

Crystal has served on campaigns for city council members, acted as a President for the Disabled Access Appeals Board Commission for Mayor Antonio Villaragoza in Los Angeles California for over 7 years.  Crystal Dominick is active in veteran affairs, is involved in the Association of the United States Army and more.  She remains an active contributor to committees and programs related to housing, youth advocacy and community development. Enriching the lives of families and touching generations to come, Crystal is an outstanding accessible source and professional for  all of your Real Estate needs. 
     - "Some of my biggest dreams were born from the desire to improve the quality of life of others and helping them achieve goals they never knew they had" ...  Crystal Dominick

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