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International real estate sales and real estate instructor

About Me

• As my client you will receive the best customer service. I will treat you with respect, listen to your concerns and be there through the whole process. I will guide and advise you so that you will receive the best opportunities for you and your loved ones. Let the experience of buying a new home be a stepping stone for you.
• I am here to help you with any real estate needs in the Texas and New Mexico area
Such services include:
o Buying
o Selling
o Investment properties
o Help you work with builders
• One of the first steps for buyers is seeing if they QUALIFY. If you have a FICO SCORE UNDER 600 I can help you get rescored.

Living in the Border Area since high school and having studied Languages at the University of Houston has opened the doors of opportunity. To better understand the people and culture on both sides of the Border. Teaching Languages and working as a consultant for Mexican Manufacturing Companies has provided the expertise in awareness of different aspects of border living. Being a Realtor in Mexico and the United States opens the mind to investment financing and property values according to lifestyles. These life experiences help provide a better way to understand each client’s needs in a more accurate way, feeling their needs and having the knowledge of how they view investments. Latest REALTOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS include being a Texas, New Mexico agent, a Certified Texas Real Estate Commission Real Estate Instructor. I have also recently received my certification as a New Mexico Real Estate Qualifying Broker (L#: 20198) These new accomplishments are the tools that work for every client’s needs.
Courtesy and honesty will help clients feel that their needs will be taken care of, giving them the confidence and trust to work with their Realtor.
Member of:
• National Association of REALTORS
• Texas Association of REALTORS
• Greater El Paso Board of REALTORS
• Texas Real Estate Teachers Association

Yet, with all of the accomplishments being a mother to four lovely children and grandmother of four children has been the greatest of all. They have been my rock through my cancer treatments, and have been my inspiration to survive cancer.
Hobbies bring out in everyone’s personality their passion for life. Sharing with others is a way to connect with the innnermost of other beings. Cooking is one of my greatest hobbies and gives me the opportunity to share with friends and family. Gardening which is my next greatest hobby allows me to feel nature and the closeness to the Divine Spirit.
Deirdre Ferrell-Barrera |REALTOR®
Realty One Group Mendez-Burk
Texas Agent & New Mexico Qualifying Broker L#: 20198
Phone: (915) 892-1400
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