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About Me

Denise began to work for a main chain restaurant while attending high school and quickly climbed the corporate ladder. It didn’t take long for her to assert herself as hardworking and dedicated. By the age of 18, she was already managing the restaurant. With over 7 years of experience in the industry, it is easy to see her genuine passion for customer service.
Denise decided to pursue her childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur about 5 years ago when she took a leap of faith and left the restaurant business. She came to mentor under a real estate investment company that taught her the importance of quick and efficient real estate sales. Through her mentorship, she was also able to gain insightful knowledge on numerous ways to save money and save time with every transaction.
Although Denise has such a strong love of real estate, she manages to keep a strong balance between her professional and personal life. When she is not out negotiating the best deals, she can usually be found at a cookout spending time with her family, catching up with a few childhood friends or clearing her head at the gym. She is also the mother of a 9 year old daughter that like her, has an entrepreneurial spirit and hopes to own a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant one day. Denise hopes to pass on her passion of the importance of continuing education and self-improvement as well as the love of travel and investments to her daughter.
Despite her love of travel, Denise is a life-long resident of El Paso, Texas and her goal in real estate is to give back to the place she calls home by adding value to the city. She has teamed up with The Real Estate Agency and Home Pros Real Estate Group which offer an array of real estate expertise. Alongside her innovative team, Denise is ready to cater to every client’s specific needs.

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