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Yasir Einaudi

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Contact Phone: (915) 502-0261
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About Me

Yasir - Yas - Started in Real Estate more than two years ago as a Real Estate Investor.
His passion for continuous improvement helped him excel in creating value, and the results were noticeable. Yas acquired 13 apartment doors as a Rent and Hold Strategy in less than 12 months - he added the right value in terms of renovations, so that his tenants are able to pay a premium while staying for longer periods Thus maximizing his returns to continue growing his portfolio. His relentless drive and passion for Real Estate has motivated him to be prepared now as a Real Estate Agent working with rising investors by guiding them through the hassles of fix and flips, Rent and Hold or suggesting a seller to add the right value before selling a house or property to achieve a better outcome.
His 8 years of problem solving in a previous engineering position crafted him to think outside the box - while his MBA continuous to support him in managing the Real Estate Investment Challenges.

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