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TREPAC is a voluntary, nonprofit, unincorporated group whose membership consists of REALTORS® and others interested in protecting the free rights of property ownership in the United States. As a political action committee, TREPAC complies with all federal and state campaign-investment laws. The voluntary investments TREPAC receives are used to support candidates for federal, state, and local office who demonstrate their support for the preservation of real property rights and the real estate profession.

Why invest in TREPAC?

The political action committee is insurance to protect your livelihood and industry. During the next year, many issues affecting real estate will be debated on the local, national, and state levels. Getting involved in TREPAC will ensure that the REALTOR® voice is heard by City Council and County Commissioner»s Court, in Congress, at the Capitol.

How to give

Aside from your initial investment during the November dues billing, you can also invest in TREPAC by participating in one of the annual fundraising events. This is a great opportunity to have fun, network, and contribute to a worthy cause -- you. Every dollar you invest during a TREPAC event goes towards maintaining and electing REALTOR® friendly officials at the local, state, and national level.

The proceeds from the ticket sales go directly to your annual investment. Each year, GEPAR recognizes investors at the following levels for their commitment to TREPAC: the $110 Club, the $250 Lone Star Statesman, $500 Capitol Club, $1,000 Sterling R, $2500 Crystal R and $5000 Golden R.

Getting involved in TREPAC helps you become more educated on the issues affecting your industry. However, there are many rules and regulations you must follow if you will be fundraising on behalf of the PAC.

Where does your money go?

All funds eligible to be invested in candidates in political races are expended for that purpose. Thirty percent of the annual investments received by TREPAC, until quota is achieved, is forwarded to NAR’s REALTORS® Political Action Committee (RPAC) for use in federal campaigns in Texas and throughout the country. In this manner, TREPAC participates in the political process at the national level, where a multitude of legislative issues threaten real property rights and the real estate industry daily. Of the balance of TREPAC’s funds, 50% will be invested in candidates for state legislative office and certain statewide offices in Texas. The final 20% is designated for candidates in local races as requested by the local association.

Mission statement

TREPAC/Texas Association of REALTORS® Political Action Committee shall raise and disburse funds to achieve the governmental affairs objectives of the Texas Association of REALTORS® and to create a favorable business environment to protect REALTOR® profits, rights of property owners, and the free enterprise system.

Strategic plan


Increase membership’s investments on an annual basis so TREPAC grows by 50% by 2014

Goal 1

Continue to be the most influential political action committee in Texas.

  • Continue providing a fundraiser/staff position for TREPAC.
  • Continue to provide the most informative and motivational TREPAC Orientation on an annual basis.
  • Provide a TREPAC PowerPoint presentation and video for trustees to use as education tools for their membership.
  • Continue the distribution of the TREPAC newsletter through e-mail with fundraising ideas and information to all trustees and local TREPAC chairmen.
  • Provide an educational fundraising work session during TAR's two major annual meetings.
  • Enhance communication of TREPAC involvement with AEs, association presidents, and local TREPAC chairs.
Goal 2

Achieve 60% participation by the TAR membership by year 2008.

  • Create new incentives for associations to raise participation levels.
  • Raise awareness of political issues in general among grassroots members.
  • Maximize the use of investment monies returned to local associations.
  • Prepare training/presentation packets to assist TREPAC trustees in raising funds.
Goal 3

Participate with and support all governmental affairs committees of TAR.

  • Mobilize a majority of TAR members to be actively involved in grassroots politics.
  • Enhance communication among TREPAC and all of TAR's governmental affairs committees.
  • Coordinate efforts of TREPAC trustees, TAR regional vice presidents, and TAR Political Affairs Strategy Subcommittee.
Goal 4

Maintain and enhance our relationship with other PACs on issues of common interest.

  • Encourage staff to continue to develop and nurture relationships with other PACs.
  • When appropriate, TAR staff will coordinate a meeting with TAR leadership and leaders of other PACs.